Our Vision


Quality & Packaging

We always take the guide as " scientific management, strict standard keep improving, creating the best" and adherence to the principles : Quality is profit, Quality is the life of the enterprise" We are a perfect quality inspection organization having quality test department, technology inspection group, chemical analysis lab, physical lab, measuring lab, direct reading spectrum analysis, ultrasonic, eddy current and hydro test. We have a team of inspectors and technicians who monitor from raw materials to finished products the process is controlled strictly in program, documentation, standardization by quality assurance department. We are engaged in manufacturing of stainless steel round bars, stainless steel coils etc.

Health, Safety and Environment

We have taken utmost care in providing better safety standards for our workers. The safety department has qualified & trained personnel and is fully equipped with safety equipments. Adequate measures are taken to minimize the pollution & environment protection.

Chemical Analysis

Chemical Test as per required quality.

Corrosion Test

Corrosion test is conducted only when specially requested by the client.

 Destructive / Mechanical Testing

  • Tensile
  • Hardness
  • Flattening
  • Flare
  • Flange
  • Reverse-bend and Re. flat tests are carried out in full compliance with relevant standards, i.e. ASTM A-450 and A-530 norms. This ensures trouble-free expansion, welding and use at customers end.

 Eddy Current Testing

To detect homogeneities in subsurface, eddy current testing is carried out using Digital Flaw-mark Testing System.

 Hydrostatic Testing

100% Hydrostatic Testing is carried out according to ASTM-A 450 norms to check tubes for leakage

 Air Under Pressure Test

Tubes are internally pressurized with clean and dry compressed air and being submerged in clear water to check any evidence of air leakage.

 Visual Inspection

After passivation, every single length of tubes and pipes is subjected to a thorough visual inspection by trained staff to detect surface flaws and other imperfections.

 Supplementary Testing

  • Eddy Current Testing

  • O.P Testing

  • Radiography Testing

  • Corrosion Testing
    - Micro Testing
    - Macro Testing
    - IGC Testing

  • Ultrasonic testing

  • Liquid Penetrate testing


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